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Wind energy is the fastest growing power technology in the world. Nebraska is ranked sixth in the nation for largest wind energy potential, and is one of four states with land most suitable for wind energy development.

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To learn more about wind energy, visit the wind multimedia page.

Explore the links on this page for a basic understanding of how a wind turbine is able to generate electricity. If you want to know everything about wind power, short of becoming a wind engineer, take the guided tour on the site. The Nebraska Energy Office site (NEO) includes Nebraska wind resource maps and a vast collection of wind energy resources. The small wind section of The American Wind Energy Association provides information on industry standards, equipment providers and permitting handbooks.

If you have questions or are interested in information not addressed in these links, please contact us via email.
Wind Links
U.S. Dept. of Energy

Small Wind Electric Systems Guide

Wind Energy

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Wind Energy in the News

New Program to Promote Wind Energy
the Wind for Schools Program has been launched by the NREL through the American Corn Growers. The Nebraska Renewable Energy Association will be a lead organization to donate time and expertise to system design and installation for schools who wish to embark on the program...[more]

Legislation to Aid Citizen-owned Projects in NE
Citizen owned commercial wind project were able to get their legislation through this session...[more]